April 16, 2024


This vignette represents the Portuguese résistance in the Pernambuco wars against the Dutch in the North of Brazil from 1645 till 1654. 

Henrique Dias and other African joined the Portuguese Army to fight the Dutch. He fought valiantly and he was wounded twice having lost one hand in combat. For his conduct, he received the title of commander of all African forces in Brazil. 

Vidal Negreiros organised the Pernambucan insurrection against the Dutch and distinguished himself in guerrilla warfare. He participated with valour in the two battles of Guararapes and the final conquest of the city of Recife. 

Filipe Camarão (Potyguarussu Indian) fought in the Portuguese forces for 18 years. As commander of an Indian regiment, he defeated the Dutch consistently and was given the title of commander of all Brazilian Indian forces . He died in the first battle of Guararapes while commanding the right wing of the Army.