December 4, 2023

Company Profile

Viriatus is a Portuguese brand created by Arte Vila in 2001 with the purpose of designing and building Portuguese Military miniature figures, its enemies and allies, in order to illustrate the value of Portuguese military history and its impact in the world.

These are 54 mm (from feet to top of the head) white metal figures to be assembled and painted. The figures are produced in a limited series of 200 units each
The figures are organized in seven historical periods that range from pre-roman civilizations to modern times covering not only eight hundred years of Portuguese military history but also the ancient civilizations that gave birth to Portugal.
A – Ancient Civilizations of Iberia

B – The birth of a nation – Portugal. XII – XIV Centuries

C – Discoveries and overseas expansion. XV – XVI Centuries

D – Wars with Spain and the role of Portugal in Europe. XVII – XVIII Centuries

E – Napoleonic and Peninsular wars – 1807 to 1814.

F – Liberal wars and African campaigns. XIX Century

G – XX Century – WWI, Colonial Wars and other conflicts.